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Playa Pop Ups Presents
The Best of Playa Private Chefs

When my friends in the food business tell me they are going to open up a restaurant I simply say “that’s insane”. The long hours, the stress, the accidental burns, and the not so nice clients that forget you’re a regular person with feelings outside of the restaurant. My feelings went numb early on in my career. Through a divorce and becoming a single Mother, I didn’t have feelings to spare outside of my personal life. So work kept me from falling apart on the really hard days, and there were many at that time in my life.

But, life goes on and I loved my work so I had to learn how to separate sensibility from emotion.

Again, in 2013 life hit me hard and I found myself having to think about a new career path. I was devastated and I was lost because what I loved to do was not possible anymore. But, in 2016 I came up with the idea of creating a food group page on Facebook just for my own selfish reasons. I wanted to know where the locals went to eat in Playa. See, we decided many years ago to move to Playa. We prepared our family mentally and emotionally and at the same time it helped me prepare. Don’t get me wrong, it was hard when it came to the day of leaving our So Cal life behind but nothing could prepare me for the feeling of missing my daughters. Sure, before we left So Cal we would meet with our daughters once a week to have dinner because school and work didn’t allow them any more time with us and I would remind myself that this was their time to find themselves and that they didn’t need me like they used too. I didn’t realize that I was the one that needed them the most. So I dived into my work and growing my group page to forget the feeling of yearning that makes my heart heavy was now my priority.

But, life goes on and I still love my work and my daughters are happy in the new chapter of their lives as so are we.

Fast forward and here I am blogging about my page and my first event in Playa Del Carmen.  Did I mention I hate blogging…lol!

Now, I’m focused on redirecting my culinary skills and promoting Playa Pop Ups Presents “The Best of Playa Private Chefs”

If I can’t cook in the kitchen, I’ll continue to support those who can!   

So with that Playa Del Carmen Eats and Drinks Presents Playa Pop Ups “The Best of Playa Private Chefs”!


Playa Pop Up Presents
The Best of Playas Private Chefs 
– Gourmet Dining with Oceanfront Views
– Experience an epic gastronomic event of sensory overload. 
– 1 Gourmet savory dish by each chef
– 1 Dessert by each chef 
– Wine and Alcohol tasting
– 2 cocktails
– Live Music

*Food portions are scaled down so you could enjoy every yummy dish!

– Location: Mr Tiki PDC | Pier Street Market (Ferry To Cozumel Pier, 1st Floor) 
* Drink specials
* 2×1 cocktails 
* Bucket of Beer $200 pesos
– Date: Saturday, March 30, 2019
– Time: 1 pm – 4 pm
– Purchase Tickets at Mr. Tiki 50 US
* 500 pesos to reserve your spot 
* 500 peso balance due the day of the event

– Click on event invite link and click on ”Going” and message us to deposit pesos on our OXXO card.

-Click on the event invite and click on ”Going” and pay with PayPal! >> https://goo.gl/M9GpmE
*PayPal Payment (U.S.D. ONLY) $52 – https://www.paypal.me/pdceatsanddrinks

-Reservations Required
Limited Tickets
Click on the event invite and click on ”Going” and pay at Mr. Tiki, PayPal or Deposit on our Oxxo card! >> https://goo.gl/M9GpmE
Message us for the information to pay on the Oxxo card.

If you’re a private chef and would like to participate in future events please message us at mail@pdceatsanddrinks.com.



The Best Of Playa Private Chefs
Lo Mejor De Playa Chefs Privados
The Best Of Playa Private Chefs
Playa Pop Ups Poster